Best Comedy Movies 2013

Title Title type Directors Rating Genres Release Date (month/day/year)
The Hangover Part III Feature Film Todd Phillips 6.1 comedy 5/20/2013
Grown Ups 2 Feature Film Dennis Dugan 5 comedy 7/11/2013
Identity Thief Feature Film Seth Gordon 5.6 comedy, crime 2/7/2013
Scary MoVie Feature Film Malcolm D. Lee 3.4 comedy 4/11/2013
Escape from Planet Earth Feature Film Callan Brunker 5.6 animation, adventure, comedy, family, sci_fi 2/15/2013
Last Vegas Feature Film Jon Turteltaub comedy 11/1/2013
This Is the End Feature Film Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen 7.8 comedy, fantasy, sci_fi 6/3/2013
Movie 43 Feature Film Bob Odenkirk, Elizabeth Banks 4.4 comedy 1/1/2013
The To Do List Feature Film Maggie Carey 6.2 comedy 7/25/2013
Admission Feature Film Paul Weitz 5.5 comedy, drama, romance 3/22/2013
A Haunted House Feature Film Michael Tiddes 4.8 comedy, horror 1/11/2013
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Feature Film Tommy Wirkola 6.1 action, fantasy, horror 1/17/2013
21 & Over Feature Film Jon Lucas, Scott Moore 5.6 comedy 2/28/2013
We’re the Millers Feature Film Rawson Marshall Thurber 6.8 comedy, crime 8/3/2013
The Heat Feature Film Paul Feig 7.1 action, comedy, crime 6/27/2013
InAPPropriate Comedy Feature Film Vince Offer 2.3 comedy 3/22/2013
The World’s End Feature Film Edgar Wright 7.5 action, comedy, sci_fi 7/18/2013
Muppets Most Wanted Feature Film James Bobin adventure, comedy, crime, family, musical 3/20/2014

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